Beat Rush Hour With These 5 Boston Traffic Apps

driving without traffic

There isn’t a person in the world who enjoys rush-hour traffic, and we’re no different. Whether you work in Worcester, Greater Boston or anywhere in between, it’s easy to end up in a line of non-moving cars every morning and afternoon. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Here are five of the best traffic apps to help you drive a stress-free route to and from work.

Waze: The $1.1 Billion Traffic App

Google paid more than $1 billion to acquire Waze in 2013 for a reason: It’s user-friendly, interactive and useful. Combining maps with crowdsourcing, Waze lets users report accidents, road construction and closings. It also collects data anonymously from users as they drive to understand traffic conditions. Users are incentivized to report accidents and delays by receiving points that they can exchange for a snazzy new avatar. As a bonus, you can also use Waze to find the cheapest gas near your location.

The best traffic app out there? It might be.

More Traffic Cameras Than Any Other App

Sigalert offers all the usual mapping services, but it’s on this list because of something it offers that most others don’t have. Sigalert has access to the largest collection of traffic cameras in the U.S. No need to rely on guesswork, trends or predictions when you can take a look for yourself.

The On-Time App

Inrix is committed to making sure its users don’t arrive late. Inrix will learn your driving habits and use that information — along with data pulled from 275 million devices — to tell you when you need to leave to get to work on time.

Inrix clearly knows what it’s doing, because it recently launched Inrix Trips, which crunches the data to offer information on “population movements” over long periods of time, such as where people heading to a specific location typically come from. This service won’t help you get to work, but it’s pretty cool nonetheless.

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An App Designed For Boston Traffic

For those of you who commute to the Boston area for work or just for a visit, this traffic app focuses only on Boston. While not as pretty as some other options, it has everything you need in a traffic app — shows congestion, police activity, road work and displays gas stations and prices.

And the Standard: Google Maps

Google Maps wasn’t the first GPS system, but it was the first popular option that was able to factor in real-time traffic. Unlike some map providers (anyone remember Mapquest?), Google Maps has stuck around and continues to be wildly popular.

That’s because it’s steadfastly reliable. It’s also great for future planning, thanks to the ability to chose any day and time and see the traffic you’re likely to face, calculated by historical trends. Since Google purchased Waze, information from that app has also been integrated into Google Maps.


Driving around Boston isn’t always easy, but that doesn’t mean it has to be annoyingly difficult.

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