6 Apartment Items You Can Feel Good About Splurging On

6 Apartment Items You Can Feel Good About Splurging On | Parc Westborough Apartments, Westborough MA

In this age of widespread consumerism, buyers are often split between two opposing qualities: value versus quality.

If money weren’t an issue, you’d go with quality every time. When you’re locked in eternal battle with your finances, however, every purchase plays its part—snagging value items is pivotal for pinching pennies! That said, there are some apartment items that you should definitely splurge on.

1) Your Mattress, A.K.A. 33% of Your Lifetime

The average person spends roughly a third of their time in a bed. Why anyone would skimp on a purchase of such magnitude is beyond us. The quality of your mattress finds its way into your daily life, whether you notice it or not—sleep is an important thing. With a nice mattress beneath you, your body will feel better, you’ll be more rested, you’ll be more pleasant to be around, etc. As you may be able to guess, the converse is true for a bad mattress.

2) Router (and Other Internet-Related Hardware)

As fervently as we may deny it, a great number of us are attached at the hip to the internet. Whether we need to check emails, read a news update or just get our kitten fix, we turn to the wonders of the Web. Don’t let slow load times and a pitiful WiFi range drive you slowly mad—just shell out the extra dough for some quality gear. Imagine all the collective seconds you could shave off your Netflix buffering time.

3) Dishes and Cookware

Splurging on dishes doesn’t mean going to the nearest antique store and buying their most indulgent set of china. No, it means spend as much money as it takes to get dishes and cookware that you’ll be happy to use for years on end. Don’t let trends or taste define your purchase—unless you’re a prolific dinner host, you’re going to be the person affected most by what you get. If you dislike heavy ceramic plates that clang like funeral bells whenever you pull them out of the cabinet, don’t get them!

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4) Plush Bathroom Towels

A nice towel’s role is two-fold: it’s nice to dry off with, and it looks good on the bathroom wall. What more do you really want from a towel? It’s important to consider that, even though you may be happy with strictly utilitarian towels, your future house guests may not. So think ahead to the occasion when your girlfriend’s parents are in town, or you want to host a classy soirée with your colleagues. Trust us—the towels will make a difference. (This also applies to quality linens, bedspreads, and table-setting supplies..)

5) A Sturdy Office Chair

We as a society are sitting more and more, and our anatomy is liking it less and less. Even if you don’t work from home, splurge on at this apartment item. Having a comfortable (and, more importantly, supportive) chair will save you a lot of headache. Or. rather, backache. A nice office chair can also double as a luxurious seat for a guest, should your more conventional seating be occupied.

6) Tapestries and Rugs

You know what they say: art makes the home. The cool thing about artwork, however, is that its monetary cost doesn’t define its value. If you’re looking to invest in some wall and floor decor, first choose a unifying aesthetic or vibe to build your your decor around. Once you’ve got the theme figured out, you can head to Urban Outfitters, society6.com, a swap meet, or your local pawn shop—wherever you think you’ll find the right decor for your theme. The trick is, once you’ve settled upon your theme, you can’t let price deter you from a perfectly-fitting piece. If that $500 Persian carpet oh-so-flawlessly matches your Tatooine theme, you may have to bite the bullet.


And there you have it—6 apartment items that you really shouldn’t feel bad about splurging on. Need a quality living space near Boston to match your newly-acquired items of quality? Look no further than Parc Westborough, located a short drive from Boston in Westborough, MA. Check out our floor plans or amenities for an inside look at our property. Ready to take the next step? Awesome—reach out to us today!