Best Places to Catch the Fall Foliage in Massachusetts

autumn leaves

Is there a place more beautiful in autumn than New England? In the countryside and in the city, the colors of fall can be found in nearly every tree. You don’t need to go far to leaf peep, but if you’re willing to take a trip, here are some of the best places to see the fall foliage in Massachusetts.

Drive the Mohawk Trail Through the Berkshires
Head anywhere in the Berkshires this autumn and you’re bound for a pretty view of the fall foliage, basically. But the portion of Route 2 known as the Mohawk Trail is a particularly beautiful drive in autumn, offering sweeping views of cliffs and the Deerfield River surrounded by the colors of fall. In the far western part of the state just east of North Adams, the road makes a tight hairpin turn and reveals a wide-open view into the far distance. It’s a sight to see any time of year, but it’s particularly beautiful in autumn.

lake in fall
Visit Walden Pond
This picturesque spot in Concord was brought to the popular consciousness by Henry David Thoreau, who spent two years living alone on the pond as he contemplated nature and our role in it. Nowadays, it’s a state park with beaches and nature walks that are particularly scenic in the fall.

If you’re into Walden and Thoreau — or Ralph Waldo Emerson, who once owned land here — check out the nearby Concord Museum. It’s home to some of items from inside Thoreau’s cabin.

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Walk Over the Bridge of Flowers

Located in Shelburne Falls, the Bridge of Flowers is a beauty that’s exactly what it sounds like — a bridge bursting with landscaped flowers, set in a beautiful landscape. It’s been designed, operated and maintained by volunteers for more than 80 years. It includes dozens of plant and flower species over the course of the year, changing monthly.

The bridge is open every year until Oct. 30.

Hike Peaked Mountain in Monson

Don’t just look at the foliage out your car window — get out and be in the middle of it! Peaked Mountain is a nature preserve that offers a relatively easy, dog-friendly hike to the summit. Once at the peak, you’ll have a nearly 360-degree view of the forests that surround the mountain.

The hike up and down can be done in an hour, so you don’t need to be an experienced hiker to go. Be sure you spend some time at the top to admire the view, though.

fall leaves
Relax in Boston’s Public Garden
The Boston Public Garden is a beautiful oasis in the middle of central Boston. It contains a deliberately diverse selection of trees, with each type labeled at its base. Because the leaves of different species age and fall on different time schedules, you’re sure to see a lot of variety.

The Public Garden is adjacent to the nation’s oldest city park, Boston Common, where the trees will be looking just as colorful.

The trusty Farmers’ Almanac says that central and eastern Massachusetts should be in peak foliage between Oct. 5 and Oct. 21 this year. Don’t miss out!

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