Four More Reasons Why Central Massachusetts is Great


The Telegram & Gazette has released its much-anticipated Best of Central Massachusetts awards for 2016, and we can’t think of a better place to look to for recommendations. From restaurants to barbers, this list has it covered, so check it out the next time you’re looking to expand your horizons. For now, though, here are a few highlights.

Plan Your Next Dining Out Experience

The big winner in the food category was The Boynton, a laid-back, but still quite nice place on Highland Street near Worcester Polytechnic Institute. It won in not just one category, but five: best meal for the money, best overall restaurant, best college bar, best college hangout and best all-around restaurant. The spot for your next dinner out has already been decided.

The menu at The Boynton is huge, from the 46 beers on tap to the food options. There’s plenty of fish dishes, pizza, steak and sandwiches, as well as bar favorites, like wings and fries. There’s something for everyone, and that’s why it’s such a popular mainstay.


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Have a Painting Party

The “Best Place to Have a Birthday” category allows us to highlight a really neat place in the area: Just Paint. It’s the only business we know of where you can hold a painting party. The walls at this proudly local business on Shrewsbury Street in Worcester are full of art designed by its customers. The next time you’re looking to book a party, pick Just Paint and you and your friends can drink wine and create art together!

Another cool thing: you can hire Just Paint to come to an event — let’s say a wedding — and they will paint the scene to document it. It’s a great addition to the traditional photos! They also do live art battles, which are exactly what they sound like: on-the-spot art competitions.

Go Antique Shopping

According to this year’s listings, the best place to shop for antiques in Central Massachusetts is the Crompton Collective (138 Green St., Worcester). The collective is great because, as the name tells you, it’s a collective — numerous vendors who get together and sell in the same place. That means you can choose from styles curated by different folks with different tastes, which makes for lots of options. In fact, there are already so many options that there’s a waiting list of vendors hoping to sell there.  

The Collective is located in a historic mill building, which adds perfectly to the antique vibe. We strongly recommend a visit.

wine glasses at restaurant

Go on a Date

What’s the best place in the area to take someone on a first date? According to the Best of Central Massachusetts list, it’s Bocado Tapas Wine Bar.

Grab a glass of wine or one of several unique cocktails, like the Sherry Cobbler. Choose a few tapas from the menu, and remember — the whole idea of tapas is to have good food to munch on, not to stuff yourself. That way, you’ll have plenty of time to focus on conversation. Good luck on the date.


These are just four highlights from the Best of Central Massachusetts list. Check out the full list for yourself and you’ll realize why Central Massachusetts is such a great place.

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