4 Massachusetts Day Trips to Consider For an Upcoming Weekend

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As the cradle of New England, Massachusetts is ripe with history and character. There’s lots to do and lots to see, so there’s no excuse to stay home on the weekend. Grab a friend, hop in your car and take one of these cool Massachusetts day trips to explore a new part of your state.

MA Day Trip 1: Take a Stroll in Old Sturbridge Village

Distance from Westborough: 29 miles

Old Sturbridge Village is a “living museum” that recreates 1800s life, complete with educational workshops, reenactments and actors who will teach you the various trades that were essential in that time period. Keeping true to the theme, several of the buildings get their power from a watermill. Old Sturbridge Village is the largest living museum in New England.

Aside from the historical character, Sturbridge is a popular shopping destination, specializing in — little surprise here — antiques.


MA Day Trip 2: Visit the Yankee Candle Factory

Distance from Westborough: 84 miles

You probably know that Yankee Candle makes some of the best-smelling candles out there, but did you know they make them here in Massachusetts? And did you know you can visit and make your very own candle to take home?

You can, and it’s awesome. Visitors learn about the process of making a candle and then mix scents of their choice together for their own unique creation. Check out the Yankee Candle website for more info before visiting.

Even if the art of candlemaking doesn’t interest you, the factory also serves as an enormous outlet selling virtually every Yankee Candle scent available at the lowest prices you’ll find. Stock up before you head home.

Be a part of history and schedule a tour now before it’s too late »

MA Day Trip 3: Take a Mountain Drive Through the Berkshires

Distance from Westborough: Varies

The Berkshires dominate the western quarter of Massachusetts, and they offer a different vibe than the more urbanized eastern part of the state. The stretch of Route 2 from Greenfield east to the New York state line is a beautiful ride along a winding two-lane road. The Deerfield River runs adjacent to the road much of the way, offering breathtaking views of fast-moving water set to a backdrop of steeply rising cliffs.

Be cautious in winter or on a rainy day, however: the road is so winding that the speed limit drops to 15 miles per hour at points.

cemetery in salem, massachusetts

MA Day Trip 4: Get Spooky in Salem

Distance from Westborough: 53 miles

You know the story of the Salem Witch Trials. In and around Salem, 20 people accused of practicing witchcraft were executed in 1692 and 1693. It’s no surprise, then, that Salem is a popular Halloween destination. Be sure to check out the Salem Witch Museum and the Witch House.

But it’s also a beautiful village in its own right, full of historic landmarks and cute shops and restaurants that attract more than a million tourists annually. A day trip to Salem is equal parts a quaint visit, a history lesson and a terrifying reminder of the dangers of mass hysteria.

None of these locations is more than a two hour drive from Westborough, MA. It’s one of the many reasons we chose Westborough as the home of our Parc Westborough apartment community.

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